Come to A Successful End -Global Finals of World Math-fusion Olympiad· Australia

The Chinese continent have an awesome learning tour in Australia from 23th.July to 31th.Julycoming back with fruitful results. So let’s see what happened in these nine engaged days.

23th July 2017Day 1

Departure to Melbourne from Hongkong

24th July 2017Day 2

The players have a visit to the most distinguished university- The Melbourne Universitywhile it’s the first day of the new semester. Wandering in the campus, touching the strong academic atmosphere, the seed of the dream is in the heart. That is entering the elite schools one day.

Then our pupils will tour the Parliament House in downtownwhere is the Legislative Council of Victoria state. The surroundings is still keep the characteristics of the Victoria Age. The pupils also visit the Victoria National Gallerywhich gate is made of glass with clear water tumbling downlike misty waterfalls.


The contestant tour the St. Patrick ' s Cathedral. It is the most representative Gothic architecture of the 19th century. The church has a wealth of crafts collection, the wonderful workmanship of wood carving and stone-Mason Technology, highlighting the grand and solemn Catholic Church.


25th July 2017Day 3

After the day of sightseeing, it comes to the competition. In the Lilydale Heights CollegeOur Chinese team challenge the champion with other gifted players. The major of Yarra Ranges Shire Mr. Neil Cliffthe principal of Lilydale Heights College Mr.Rosina Fotiathe WMO representative of Australia Mr Greg Hancock, the director of WMO Chinese commission Mr.Darwin Du all attend the opening ceremony and delivery a speech. They encourage the contestant just enjoy the competition   and have more culture exchange.

The Chinese team claims 6 golden medals, 15 silver medals, and 18 bronze medals in this heated paper testing and teamwork activity. In the closing ceremony, the Lilydale Heights College,which has fine musical tradition, present a wonderful performance. During the perioda Chinese player also plays flute.


26th July 2017Day 4

The players head to Phillip Islandalso named Penguin Island.The southern and western coasts of the island lie within the Phillip Island Important Bird Area, so identified by BirdLife International because of its importance in supporting significant populations of fairy penguins, short-tailed shearwaters and Pacific gulls. In addition, there is a wildlife park where wallabies and kangaroos roam freely amongst the visitors and can be fed by hand.


27th July 2017Day 5

The pupils will take one of the oldest steam train to tour the dense forest. After half hour of the distance,they arrive at the Forest Park ,feeding the wild parrot. The flock of parrots all wait the feast given by our pupils. Then,they go to the peak of the mountain, which is also the top of Melbourne. It   provides an uninterrupted view of the downtown enchanting scenery. After that the pupils can enjoy the lunch with fish and potatoes with the local characteristics.


28th July 2017(Day 6)

They leave for the Sydney, known as the distinguished University of Sydney .That is also named the most top university of Sydney. It is established in 1850 and is one   of the largest campus in Australia.

Bondi Beach means "crushing the waves on the rocks"   in the language of the indigenous inhabitants of Australia. Just as the name implies, the blue sea and white waves lend radiance and beauty to another ,and the clear water and sand also with exquisite scenery . Bondi Beach, with 1 kilometers   coastline,is the oldest surfing center and traditional surfing life-saving training base in Australia. Contestants roll up their trousers, feeling   the sea breeze blow,running on the beach. It must be one of the most beautiful moments in their youth.

Afterwards,they have a visit to the Sydney Opera House, which is the National Performing Arts Center in Australia and close to the world-famous Harbor Bridge. It is surrounded by the sea with a unique and novel look, like a piece of white shell standing on the beach.   Looking far from the distance, the Sydney Harbor Bridge looks like a glittering rainbow across the bay. What’s more,the well-known Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge are the symbol of Sydney.


29th July 2017(Day 7)

Heading to the capital of Australia- Canberra it is the largest inland city in Australia. You must visit the   Lake Burley Griffin when you arrive at Canberra, or you will regret afterwards. The lake is located in the approximate geographic centre of the city, and is the centerpiece of the capital in accordance with Griffin's original designs. Numerous important institutions are a short distance away. Its surrounds, consisting mainly of parklands, are popular with recreational users, particularly in the warmer months. Though swimming in the lake is uncommon, it is used for a wide variety of other activities, such as rowing, fishing, and sailing.


30th July 2017(Day 8)

The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore,which steeple arches has the gothic architecture’s feature. Our contestant will be touched by the solemn atmosphere when they enter the church.

Then they will head to Mrs. Maccabi's chair. It is the best location for panoramic photography, where you can view the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge clearly.

Hyde park is an ancient park for the only 200 years history of Australia.   As same pattern of park in London,the visitors are enchanted by the vast, clean lawns, over a hundred years of towering trees, small hills and Fountain.

Players take the cruise to Darling Harbor. In this trip, the pupils can overlook the great scenery of Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Moreover, the beautiful scenery on both sides is full of their praises.   The delicious buffet lunch changes everyone to the foodie.

On the day before the return, the organizing committee also celebrated an extraordinary birthday for two players. Although they are on the other side of the ocean and away from the family, they   still gain precious friendship. This birthday must make a profound impression.


31th July 2017(Day 9)

Leave for China






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