CCTV Focus On : WMO Lead the International Interdisciplinary Fusion Faculty

Recently,The 12th World Cup of World Mathematical Olympiad has wrapped up its curtain successfully. CCTV international news and Guangming website along with other several news reports have followed the competition.

    More than 200 pupils form over 20 countries all gather in Beijing to take part in the finals of World Mathematic Olympiad.

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   And the International Mathematics Forum is held during the competition. Six professionals from Chain     American and the Republic of Korea all attend the forum. They all hold the opinion that the mathematic education must be match with the artificial intelligence future, cultivating the innovative and open-mind talents. With the fusion education of STEAM as the core idea, WMO is a fusion competition of multidiscipline (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics). It focuses on and cultivates teenagers’ thinking ability, fusion ability and innovation ability, devoting itself to cultivating young talents with the abilities of fusion thinking and innovation who receive the best education, and those who are able to break the boundaries of disciplines and knowledge.


   The Director of the WMO organizing committee Mr.Darwin Du shares the idea of setting up the competition. WMO was established in 2008. We first ideal of setting up WMO Mathematics Association is that the mathematics form is very single at that time. And we think math should be enjoyable, and have more connection with daily life. So our intention is that math can be integrated with life and technology. That’s why we promote the concept of STEAM Mathematical fusion competition. In retrospect we have been held it for ten years. Nowadays.There are ten million people from 300 cities more than 20 nations, while about three countries participated in the start. Why is it growing so fast? For it comes form a innovative concept which can integrate the creativity and STEAM fusion minds together. We expect over a hundred countries from all over the world can participate   the competition to promote our values in the next ten years.

Will you often hold the opening ceremony? And what is it development direction.

   We are the membership system, our members will hold the competition by turns. The ACT institution will hold the next WMO in the university of Stanford in American. Normally, The Ministry of Education hold the competition, like the Thailand ministry of education and Vietnam ministry of education. So in the next ten years, we will influence hundreds of millions of students from more over 100 countries .







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