The 12th World Cup of World Math-fusion Olympiad Come to A Successful Conclusion

The 12th World Cup of World Mathematical Olympiad Competition is held in Tianjin from 11th to 12th August 2017. More than 10 countries from China, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and nearly 200 students attend this competition. After the grand opening ceremony holding in 11th evening, a wonderful match comes in 12th.

  The event is comprised of individual competition, group activity, cultural exchanges and awards ceremony. In the morning, pupils will do the individual competition which is a paper-writing test aimed at examining the students’ ability of mathematical application, interdisciplinary integration, innovation and problems-solving via mathematical thinking questions, fusion problems, daily life-related problems and other questions. Every contestant all concentrates on the question. Moreover, the papers are edited in a common language of each member country to make sure every candidate is able to understand and complete the paper. In addition, we divide the participant into three levels, L1 for the age from 9 to 10 years old (Grade 3 to 4), L2 for the age 11years old (grade 5 to 6) to ensure that the paper difficulty matches the knowledge students mastered.


  In the afternoon, the most critical team work is coming. And six pupils in a team will complete the actvitiy. The first one is bridge-bulid. 15 pieces of wood can only be used to build a solid wooden bridgs. After a careful observation of the reference graph, the players need to fully use their space imagination, mechanical balance, architectural geometry and other comprehensive ability to build the bridge step by step. Players applause cheerfully when wood bridge firmly stands there after let their hands go. In addition, joy and proud show in their face as the team flag standing in the middle of the bridge.


  After the bridge has been done, the players will go to the second area . And their enthusiasm is growing when they have the following games:the room break, happy farm, laser light, Einstein chess, Ipad games and other mathematical activities.It’s more like a game carnival for philomathl ,which have well-planed activity, diversiform game props, rather than a competition.The purpose of getting prize in the begining seems insignificant for them. Students are even braver when they join in and enjoy the competition.


  Then, they will have the math relay game.Six players are divided into three groups in different locations. When the first group solve the problems and head for the second position, they can get a passworrd after entering it to computer. The password of the third group can not be unlocked until having the answer of the second groups. So they must collaborate together because each task hooks-up. We can see all members’ ability of quickly answer questions and collaboration in this process. We cheer the victory on,but we are all encouraged by the team holding out until the last. The audience applause continuously for this never give up spirit.Moreove, this is not just a winning or losing contest rather a psychological quality competition.


  At the end of the game, the players will take a break to taste the traditional Chinese snacks, and exchange small gifts of national characteristics with each other. They are very delighted when they receive the Peking opera dolls, antique wooden chopsticks and creative greeting cards. Moreover, they perform their exquisitely prepared programs like magic cube show, chorus, special dance, which get the continous applauses from the audience. Moreover, some other interesting cultural exchanges like digital Tai Chi, creative photo taken stimulate all players enthusiasm , also enhance the friendship between the players.


  Finally,it comes the climax of the competition. There are a total of 12 players win the golden medal in individul awards, 20 players win the silver medal, 28 players win the bronze medal. Congratulations to the players getting the excellent results. The chinese team get the most grant prize.Congratulations! As the host country team, the Chinese team players show their excellent competitive state and at the same time the South Korean team and the Vietnamese team also get the outstandinggrade, winning the second and third place respectively.

  Before we ring the bells showing the start if the event, the President of the WMO World Mathematical Olympiad Contest Association, Mr. Darwin Du   hand over the flag to the next WMO World Cup sponsor.   the 12th world cup of World Olympic Mathematical concluded successfully. Thanks to the outstanding players   from more than 10 countries around the world and the guests support and cooperation. We   hope that this trip to China can leave you deep impression.

See you at the Standford University in 2018!







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