2018 World Math-fusion Olympiad Global Finals


In-depth Exchange and Study with Top Schools

  The 2018 WMO World Mathematics Olympiad will be held in Stanford University, which ranks the second best in the world, and cultivates 60 Nobel laureates, 20 Turing laureates as the highest distinction in computer science, 7 Fields Medal laureates as the highest distinction in mathematics. Meandering in the top university,experiencing well-established academic atmosphere, exchanging with the Outstanding Graduates ,that maybe lead you make a provision for the future college entrance.

High Standard World Math Competition,International Contestant Compete and Exchange

2018 WMO World Mathematics Olympiad in Standard University will witness the competition among the international math players. Math geniuses from a number of countries gather here and compete for champion. Moreover, the contestant can also have a cross-culture communication, develop their non-native communication skills and make friends with foreign students,

Participate in the Public Service Activities and Integrate into the American Mainstream Culture

Contestant will have a chance to join the local Chinese-American community, named Rotary Club of Teenager of Silicon Valley, and participate in the public service activities. So they can integrate into the American mainstream culture and experience the Chinese-American youth spirit.

American Renowned Educational Expert Schooling

The course and interesting activities, deigned by famous education expert with rich international education experience, will bring children an immersive mathematic study experience and improve the overall study interest and   English application ability

Visit the American landscape

  They will visit the famous scenic spot and major cities in west coast, like Los Angels also know as the city of Angels, Fantasyland of Disney, Silicon Valley, 17 miles drive, San Diego.On the way, pupils can expand their horizon, and open their mind, also experience the multi-culture travel.

Day 1 China->San Francisco

You will departure from China ,take the international flight to the most important financial centre San Francisco in American west. It’s also the most significant Hi-Tech research and development base.

Day 2 American.>San Francisco


You will go to the Golden Gate and visit to the magnificent The Golden Gate Bridge which is the most representative attraction of San Francisco, also known as the world most distinguished suspension bridge. It’s a really a miracle in the world's bridge construction history that applies about a thousand times mathematical calculation. Later, you will sightsee Lombard Street, a zigzag path with eight sharp curve flanked with rich multicolored decorations. At last, you arrive at Fisherman's Wharf, where is the best spot to overlook the Alcatraz Island and look close to the entertainer performance.

Day 3 American Silicon Valley


Departure to the Silicon Valley, a world Hi-tech electronics land, look over the headquarter of the Global 500, experience the top enterprise culture.

In the morning, you will look over the Oracle Park, harkening to the Silicon Valley legend of the enterprise elite, and have lunch in the fine scenery headquarter. In the afternoon, you will visit the Apple and the Google headquarter, experiencing the hi-tech products and taking the tasty afternoon tea.

Day 4 American Stanford


You will visit the Stanford University, which ranks the second best in the world, and cultivates 60 Nobel laureates, 20 Turing laureates as the highest distinction in computer science, Fields Medal laureates as the highest distinction in mathematics.

After the opening ceremony, contestants will learn more about the American school’s code of conduct , secondary school courses and status, the American university system and application process. And then, contestants will review vocabulary related math, alone with developing some interesting mathematical activities.

Wandering in the Campus, you will have an exchange with the outstanding graduates in the Lawn.

In the evening, Contestants will have a chance to join the local Chinese- American

Community, named Rotary Club of Teenager of Silicon Valley, and participate in the public service activities to experience Chinese-American youth volunteers spirit.

Day 5 American Stanford


Hold the 2018 WMO finals in the famous Stanford University.

Morning    Opening Ceremony, Individual Test

Afternoon   Team work competition, culture exchange, Award Ceremony, and Closing Ceremony

Day 6 American Los Angels


Driving to ‘the City of Angles’ Los Angles, you will pass the west coast 17 Miles Drive, where is the top three self-driving route. Here you can enjoy the awesome pacific coast scenery, the splendid mansion. The magnificent scenery of the Gulf will make you relax and soothe.

Day 7 American Los Angels


Touring the Fantasyland of Disney, it is the first world Disneyland. Pupils will enjoy the happiness and fun there, which items include the exciting space coaster, marine animal’s secret exploration,
haunted house and sharing Caribbean pirate’s crazy and difficulties. After the wonderful Disneyland tour, pupils can ramble on the sunset road to enjoy the Hollywood movie scene.

Day 8 American San Diego


You will visit the Naval Base San Diego, taking a close look to the largest aircraft carrier,and overlooking the Pacific Fleet Base, and then you will tour the American famous San Diego Zoo which is the one of the largest zoo in the world and have the most advanced managerial equipment. Afterwards, strolling in the San Diego beach known as the American top beach, you can visit the renowned naturallandscape, and enjoy the Enthusiastic Spain customs in the San Diego Old Town

Day 9 American San Diego- China

Take the international flight back to China, end the substantial Study Tour